Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your carpet always looked as good as new, without any maintenance? Unfortunately, this rarely happens in the real world. Pets, children, shoes, heavy furniture, coffee, food, insects and other debris, all depreciate your carpet’s beauty and freshness on a daily basis. Knowing this, it is inevitable that you will need to get your carpet cleaned at some point. However, you may be concerned that cleaning it will damage your carpet more than the pollutants that contaminated it. Here at Mega Steam Clean, we’ve listened and have attempted to answer some of your most pressing concerns.

How often should I get my carpet cleansed?

Regrettably, there is no conventional answer to this concern. It depends upon several aspects including; the place of your residence, where you position your carpeting, the type of activity you expose it to, and whether you have children and pets using it frequently. The amount of foot traffic is not a lot an aspect as the quantity of dust, grit and soil your carpeting is exposed to. In fact, soil and dirt are the most significant issues when it concerns carpeting upkeep. If your carpet is typically well preserved and seldom ever exposed to dirt an annual professional cleaning must suffice.

Is carpet cleaning safe? I have small children and a pet…

It is absolutely safe. At Mega Steam Clean, we do not use hazardous chemicals, nor will the cleaning process leave irritant residues on your carpet. In other words, when your carpet is dry, you can let your children and pet play on it without any fear.

Is it true that after the first cleaning, the carpet will get dirty faster?

It is a typical belief that a carpet re-soils quicker after it has been extensively cleaned, and a great deal of individuals avoid carpeting cleaning entirely because of this belief. However, such an issue just happens if the cleaning has actually not been done very carefully and expertly. If the detergent is not washed out appropriately after the cleaning, dirt and dust stay with it, and the carpet starts to look dirty all over once again soon after. Nevertheless, a competent and expert carpeting cleaning business such as Mega Steam Clean, carefully follows specific cleaning steps just to eliminate the cleaning agent.

How soon after the cleaning can the carpet be exposed to regular use?

Generally, you will need to make sure for the very first 18-24 hours that it doesn’t get too much traffic. Depending on the type of your carpet and how severely soiled it was, it could stay damp for this much time. Make certain that while it is damp, your carpeting is not exposed to heavy foot traffic, youngsters or animals. You might stroll on it, nevertheless, as long as you are wearing home slippers or socks. Once it is dry, you can resume regular use. Bear in mind that the experts who clean your carpet will certainly recommend you on precisely for how long you need to give it to dry, and exactly what care you have to take promptly later on.

Can the color be restored on faded spots?

It is possible, using the spot dying process. However, it depends on the kind of fiber your carpet is made of.

Can the indentations caused by heavy furniture be removed?

It can not consistently be done. Heavy furnishings not just squashes the pile of your carpet, but likewise damages its backing. If the damage is serious, it might well be long-term. However, if your carpeting is not severely damaged, using methods involving hand grooming, moisture and heat might smooth out the carpeting surface area and recover its fluff.
Is it really necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service?

Like a great deal of other jobs around your house, you might do your carpeting cleaning yourself. Nevertheless, you will certainly never have the ability to able to beat the experience and knowledge of a professional. Prior to cleaning your carpet, our skilled professionals think about the nature and degree of damage, and the sort of compounds your carpeting has been exposed to. Apart from simply dirt, your carpeting could include chemicals, grease and oil patches, animal smell, dangerous substances, dust mites, ticks and other insects, pesticides, food bits and germs. The nature of the direct exposure figures out the type of cleaning process that is utilized, however just a specialist can really comprehend the subtleties.

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